Big Sprinkler, Wheeled, 1.5" Fire Hose Connection


Big Sprinkler, Wheeled, 1.5″ Fire Hose Connection


Make & ModelStrongway
Water Spray Distance from 1.5″ Fire Hose75 Feet at 60+ PSI, and 35+ GPM

Warranty & Shipping

Manufacturer’s Limited WarrantyParts 2 Years
Shipping Weight and Notes50.0 pounds, Can be shipped to HI and AK if added to Fire Pump Package purchase.
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Big Sprinkler, Wheeled, 1.5″ Fire Hose Connection.

* Spray Radius up to 75 feet, full circle diameter up to 150 feet.
* Sprinkler operates on maximum 70 PSI, and 20 to 60 GPM.
* Sprinkler includes 5 nozzles sizes for adjustable volume and distance.
* Adjustable pattern from full circle or partial circle.
* Connects to 1.5” or 1.0″ Fire Hose with adapter;
* Multiple Sprinklers can be used with Gated Wye(s).
* Material Brass sprinkler head, steel stand, Sprayer Type Impulse, Max. PSI 70

Application Notes:
1) Not to be used on structures or vegetation treated with Thermo Gel or Foam.

2) Number of Sprinklers used by Fire Pump Packages based on limit of 70 PSI:

Fire Pump Model Max Sprinklers Engine Speed Curtailment
6.5 HP Briggs AMT 1 Not needed
7.9 HP Honda MQ 3 Yes, if only 1 sprinkler
10.7 HP Honda MQ 3 Yes, if only 1 sprinkler
13 HP Honda AMT 3 Yes, if only 1 or 2 sprinklers
13 HP Briggs AMT 4 Yes, if only 1 to 3 sprinklers
18 HP Briggs AMT 4 Yes, if only 1 to 3 sprinklers

Note A: If water pressure exceeds 70 PSI at the sprinkler head, it will not rotate as designed.

To limit pressure to 70 PSI at all sprinklers, if may be necessary to reduce engine speed. If engine speed curtailment is recommended above, reduce engine speed until all sprinklers are rotating as expected.

Shipping Weight: 50.0 lbs.

Notes on Pump Package Components:

A) Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty: Warranty details are located in the Terms and Conditions of Sale here.

B) Shipping: Shipping: FOB Destination, with Seller insuring all shipments. Packages shipped in two or more boxes will be delivered by Freight Carrier by appointment only. Property access issues and special needs must be identified by customer prior to shipment. Accessories purchased separate from the Fire Pump Packages will be shipped by UPS/USPS.


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