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Standard delivery to customers is via by commercial freight Monday-Friday, at a time pre-arranged with the freight carrier. Equipment is boxed and strapped to pallets and delivered by truck with a hydraulic liftgate. 

We offer the only Hands-On Testing and Training on Fire Pump Packages available in Southern California at our store. Customers can test, receive training, and pickup equipment at no cost. 

Alternatively, we offer delivery and training to customers located in Southern California for a fee.

Fire Pump and Hose Packages was born out of necessity in Southern California’s foothills, where homeowners living in the urban/wildland interface experience threatening fires every 3 to 7 years. Homes burn for the same predictable reasons: 

  • Insufficient “Defensible Space” around buildings due to dense vegetation, too close to the house that ignites from wind-blown embers. 
  • Limited, or no, water supply from the city water system due to heavy demand or city pumps disabled by downed electrical lines. 
  • Too few firefighters available.
  • Home construction and/or maintenance issues that increase risk of the home igniting from wind-blown embers: rain gutters not maintained, wind siding not maintained.

The Fire Pump and Hose provides homeowners with high pressure fire pumps, fire retardant equipment, and water tanks to protect their property. 

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We communicate regularly with our current and future customers regarding “Best Practices” in reducing fire risks on your property and home and other structures. These updates may be in the form of new documents and/or videos in our Resources. Add your contact information below to be included on our Email Mailing List.