Fire Pump Options (not available on all Fire Pumps)

Modifications of our standard configurations are available to customize your Fire Pump. These equipment options are installed in our fabrication and assembly shop by our experienced technicians. Not all options will be available on specific Fire Pumps – if available, the option will be identified in the Product description and available for purchase during checkout. They are:

1. Portability Option: Our standard Equipment Cart is designed to carry the Fire Pump and all Fire and Suction Hoses. Some customers prefer to have wheels installed on the Fire Pump frame for a lower profile and less weight. When selected, an all-weather Fire Hose Storage box, large enough for 400 feet of hose, is included. This is no additional charge for this change.

2. Auxiliary Fuel Tank, 6 Gallon and Tank Select Valve: Option expands the fuel supply from the normal average of 2 hour run time to approximately 7 hours, depending on engine model and speed. 

3. Electric Vacuum Priming Pump with Manual On/Off Switch: Option is used where the suction hose line equals or exceeds 30 feet long and/or 12 feet in elevation. The Electric Vacuum pump speeds up the priming of the water pump (reduces priming time by approx. 50%) and reduces engine usage. The Vacuum Primer is turned on before the engine is started, once the water pump is primed, the engine is then started. 

4.Custom Cover for the Fire Pump Package: Cover is custom made of all-weather 600 Denier Polyester fabric, drawstring closure at bottom, tan color, minimum expected life 8 years in full sun. Two models available; Full Package for upright Equipment Cart, and Fire Pump Frame with Wheels model.

Additional optional equipment is available; options listed above are installed directly onto Fire Pump prior to shipment.