6.5HP Briggs & Stratton AMT Fire Pump Package


6.5 HP Briggs Stratton AMT Fire Pump Package;  Portable fire high-pressure water pump package for home and ranch wildfire protection using water from a pool, water tank, or pond.  

Engine and Pump Specifications:

Engine Make & ModelBriggs & Stratton, Vanguard
Engine Size205 CC, Single Cylinder
Engine RPM, under load4100 RPM
Electric StartNo
Battery Not applicable
Pump Make and TypeAMT (American Machine and Tool), Single stage
Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)Yes – Automatic Water Release valve
Pump Suction Intake 2.0″ Cam Lock, Female
Discharge Outlets3 – One 1.5” and Two 1.0”
(one 1.0” outlet used for PRV)
Water Spray Distance from 1.5″ Nozzle90 Feet 

Warranty & Shipping

Manufacturer’s Limited WarrantyEngine 2 Years, Pump 1 Year
Shipping Weight and Notes250 pounds, Can be shipped to HI and AK.
Item #0025


6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton AMT Pump Package – Brigg’s Vanguard commercial engine is matched with AMT’s (American Machine and Tool) high-pressure single-stage pump.  This powerful, reliable, and economical Package is self-contained, portable, and is “Fire Ready”.  The package additionally includes 15 Foot 2.0″ Suction hose, 200 feet of fire hose, two nozzles, mounted on 2 wheel hand truck for quick deployment.  All equipment needed to be effective quickly.  Hand truck comes with no-flat tires.
Portable high-pressure water pump package for home and ranch wildfire protection using water from a pool, water tank, or pond.  Can be combined with Fire Retardant Foam and/or Gel products for effective wildfire protection.  Not recommended for use with saltwater.
Our optional equipment includes Water Tank Cam Lock connectors, high volume water filters, Thermo Gel Sprayers and Concentrate, and Phos Chek Foam Sprayers and Concentrate. 

Options available during checkout include Wheels Installed on Frame (with No Equipment Cart) and/or Custom Cover.

Call for information on custom hoses (in-stock) for connections to water tanks, or for consultation on selecting the right equipment for your specific needs.

Shipping Weight – 250 pounds

Dimensions, Full Package – 32″ W x 30″ D x 52″ H


A)  Electric Start option:   Includes Battery Box for protection from , cables, weather and trickle charger.  

B)  Pressure Relief Valve:  If a high pressure water pump is run for more than a few minutes with nozzles turned off, the water will boil and potentially damage the pump. Pressure relief valve protects the pump from damage by releasing water when the internal pressure exceeds a pre-set level.  The pressure relief valve is pre-set, but must be adjusted during engine break-in period per the instructions.

C)  Suction Hose Cam Lock connection fittings:  Suction hose attaches and locks to pump quickly and without threading, saving critical minutes when starting the water pump.

D)  Fire Hoses:  Single external layer polyester and cotton weave with internal rubber lining and aluminum connectors.  Fire hoses are rated at 250 to 400 Service Test.  Hoses are manually double coiled for mounting and storage on the hand-truck for quick deployment, saving critical minutes when using.   1.5″ Fire Hoses have NH threads compatible with most State and Local Fire Agencies in USA.  1.0″ Fire Hoses have NPSH threads compatible with Federal Forest Service agency. 

E)  Equipment Cart:  Full-size, heavy duty hand-truck has 800 pound capacity, and has mounting hardware for attachment of Pump Frame, Suction Hose, and Fire Hoses.  No-flat tires require no maintenance.

F)  Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty:  Warranty details are located in the Terms and Conditions of Sale here.

G)  Shipping:  FOB Destination, with Seller insuring all shipments.  Packages shipped in two (2) boxes will be delivered by Freight Carrier by appointment only.  Property access issues and special needs must be identified by customer prior to shipment.


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